Electronic Sight Gauge - Insight System

This electronic sight gauge is the most accurate volume measuring device on the market.

The system includes:


Main control unit equipped with Wi-Fi technology to allow for a wireless display to any smart phone or tablet device.


iPad Mini - main display screen


Hard wired exterior load station display


Main tank sensor.

Optional components include:

Up to 2 additional tank sensors (eg. chemical inductor, fresh water tank)

Low Hydraulic oil sensor

Weather Station that provides apparent wind speed / wind direction / temperature / humidity

Take the guess work out of every tank.

System Benefits:

  • The system measures the volume of solution in a tank to + / - one gallon.


  • Works with any size or shape of tank.


  • Can measure any type of liquid or solution.


  • Provides an accurate reading no matter what angle the machine is on—no more guessing when filling on uneven ground.

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