Fertilizer Support Brackets

All brackets are laser cut and CNC bent to ensure a precise and consistent fit providing maximum bin support.  All bracket seams are 100% welded are powder coated to provide a durable finish. 

Brackets available for: 

Kinze 3000, 3500, 3600 series planters.

John Deere planters.

The brackets are made from 3/16" and 1/4" thick material and are built to withstand years of planting .

The brackets mount directly to the planter frame using the factory mounting brackets.  By using the same mounting locations on the planter this allows for easy installation and maintains the ability to tip the bins forward for  easy clean out.

Kits include all stainless steel mounting hardware.

Custom Ag Concepts bracket vs Kinze factory brackets - notice the stress cracks in the Kinze brackets caused by the constant flexing from the movement of the fertilizer in the bin. 


Our solid one piece saddle design eliminates this flex and transfer the weight directly to the planter frame.  Eliminating this movement will also greatly extend the life of the fiberglass bins.

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