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Hub Covers

The hub covers provide a sturdy and efficient way to deflect crops away from the wheel hub. They are engineered to limit avoidable crop damage and increase yields.
Covers available for: 46" , 50" , and 54" rim sizes



John Deere:

47 series, 48 series, 49 series and R-Series

Case IH:

32 series, 42 series, 33 series and 44 series



RG 900, RG1100, RG1300 and various older models


STS 10, STS 12, STS 14 and STS 16

Hub, Cover, John deere, sprayer

Ideal for all Fertilizer / Herbicide / Insecticide / Fungicide Applications

Hub Covers
Hub, Cover, John deere, sprayer

Notice the height of the ear in relation to the location of the hub on the sprayer. If there was no hub cover to deflect the crop there would be a direct impact of the wheel hub on the corn cob.

Hub, Cover, John deere, Haggie, sprayer

By eliminating the damage caused by the blunt impact of the wheel hubs you are increasing plant health by not providing an area for disease to set in.

Hub Covers are engineered to be a completely flush mounted system.


They are designed to be used on every crop, every season, and in all conditions.

Hub Covers are designed to seal on the bead of the rim to eliminate debris from getting behind them.  They utilize the factory wheel studs to mount securely and efficiently to the machine.

The covers have a directional louver moulded into each part 

Hub, Cover, John deere, sprayer
Hub, Cover, John deere, sprayer

Clean up is a breeze - Simply pressure wash with cold water.

The covers are made from a durable polyethylene material that nothing sticks too!

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