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Products & Services

Fertilizers / Fungicides

Our products are specifically designed to minimize the impact of applying fertilizers and fungicides on mature crops.  By reducing the amount of direct machine to crop contact we ensure that the benefits of these applications are maximized. 


We accommodate local pick up and delivery. As well, we offer competitive national and international shipping rates. We have established dealer relationships across North America and are always looking for new retail and distributor partners.

Insecticides / Herbicides

With continual advancement in chemical technology, the  application industry is steadily increasing the number of passes made through all crops to maximize their many benefits. This is without factoring in the potential addition of multiple insecticide applications. Traveling through a crop five times per season is not uncommon by today's standard. 


Our products are geared towards maximizing equipment and operator efficiency in all makes and models of Self-Propelled sprayers.


By utilizing our suspension upgrades and especially our Hub Covers we extend the application windows and allow more acres to be covered. This allows operations to fully utilize there equipment through the entire spray season.


Installing the Insight System on your equipment greatly improves operator efficiency. This is an electronic sight gauge system and with its accuracy and ease of use, removes the guess work involved in batching up a sprayer. This system virtually eliminates over batching and running short of solution due to inaccurate sight gauges.


This allows for more acres to be sprayed a day and reduces unnecessary passes (compaction) through the fields. This accuracy also allows for more accurate solution mixtures - make sure all chemicals are being mixed at the exact rates required and at the same time reduce the need to dilute solutions and respray acres already covered or having to mix a 10 gallon batch to finish the last half of a round in a field.

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