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Pneumatic Lift Cylinders

These pneumatic cylinders are an on-demand 5" suspension lift kit. 

The system ties into the existing air suspension installed on John Deere sprayers and utilizes  a custom made air cylinder that is a direct replacement to the factory air bag linkage.

The system utilizes an in-cab switch that allows the cylinders to be extended or retracted without leaving the drivers seat.

Kits available for 47 series, 48 series and R-series machines

Full R-Series Suspension Lift Kit

Kits available to accommodate up to 78" of ground clearance. 


All kits are custom made to suit your application needs and are designed around the rim and tire combination required.

The system allows under frame height to be controlled from inside the cab and does not require removal to return to the stock ride height.

r series Lift Kit, Sprayer lift kit, Hub covers, self propelled sprayer, Customagconcepts, john deere, ontario
Manual Lift Brackets

Gain nearly 5" of additional ground clearance by simply replacing the factory linkage mounting plate with this adjustable height control bracket. In minutes your machine can be raised or returned to the stock height for spraying crops that do not require the addition ground clearance. Another benefit to these brackets is they allow for adjustment in 1/2" increments to fine tune the stance of your machine and level out your sprayer by using different linkage mounting holes in the front and rear.


The brackets are laser cut and CNC bent to ensure consistent and a precise fit every time. They are powder coated for a long lasting and durable finish.  They installs in minutes and mount directly in the stock location using the factory hardware.

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